Krugg 'Thunderjug' Graxlagg Edit


Krugg Graxlagg was born on the harsh death-world of Gragush Prime. Even as a child, Krugg was bigger and stronger than his peers, and so it was always felt that he'd go far. The Imperial Cult has been strong on Gragush Prime ever since it was rediscovered and brought into the Imperium eight millennia ago, and so when the Imperial Guard came recruiting, Krugg was particularly keen to serve the Emperor and enlisted immediately. During early training Krugg’s size and strength meant he quickly gained the respect of the other recruits and was designated squad leader. His skill at arms and devotion to the Emperor so impressed the Regimental Commissar that Krugg was earmarked to undergo BONEhead treatment.

Although still respected for his size and strength, Krugg's new found 'smarts' made him increasingly estranged from the rest of his squad who saw him as “too clever fer 'is own gud”. This changed when his squad was seconded to the retinue of Inquisitor Kaled during the 'Scouring of Bakkar'. Kaled was impressed by Krugg's loyalty and prowess in battle so offered him a permanent place on his team. Krugg was more happy to accept once he learned that as an Inquisitor, Kaled's authority came direct from the Emperor himself.

Krugg is now employed by the Storm Hawks mercenary force.

Rules Edit

Rules for ogryn characters can be found in the article 'Brute Violence and Childlike Faith' published by Dark Magenta.

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