Kreiger Gunson - Berserker Cultist Edit


Kreiger Gunson is a Low member of the Cult of the Free on Malanca III. The cult has two types of member, High and Low. Many have joined the cult in the hopes of becoming one of the privileged High members, but almost all start off bound into (literal) bondage as a Low member. The cult has no shortage of willing applicants as each year a lottery is held where Low members can win the chance to be raised in status to High members and so live the rest of their lives in unbelievable luxury.

Most Low members of the cult are kept chained up in factories, but more attractive Low members are kept as servants to High members and are often bound in decorative bondage or are are kept in the pleasure palaces. Some of the strongest and most aggressive cult members are kept as hulking bodyguards for High members, while others are used as Berserkers. They are kept in a state of constant pain by their bondage gear and exist only to kill and maim. In combat these Berserkers are often forcibly drugged to drive them into a state of frenzy and are little more than an arco-flagellant created by drugs and bondage rather than psycho-conditioning.

Kreiger Gunson was born in the cult and after displaying rather aggressive tendencies as a child, he was trained as a Berserker. Following the Purging of Malancus City, he was recruited by Inquisitor Ostrakov to serve as his bodyguard. Unfortunately he has been driven half mad by his years of torment and must be kept restrained most of the time.

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