Body Hunter Korpik Feth Edit


"Dead or alive? Well.. one's easier 'an th'other..." -Korpik Feth

"Bounty hunter implies the man does it for money. There's lots of potential for a man who does it for fun." -Ezekiel Dune

Korpik talks little of his childhood, but one thing is for sure, his parents had a cruel sense of humour naming him so, as Korpik is the family name. Any new recruits have their backgrounds extensively examined for any signs of disloyalty or corruption, yet Korpik's remains largely a mystery.

What is known is that Korpik grew up on the Hive world of Minerva XII, a world once rich in minerals and thus was densely populated. Rumours surround that planet as thick as catachan devil-hide, the most popular one told around campfires is that of the Witch Raiders, slender, pale beings clad in black who descended from the sky without any notice, sowing terror and destruction in their wake. As soon as they arrived, they had disappeared again, with hundreds of workers missing from the salt farms. 

There were never any witnesses left sane, and thus only rumours of the Witch Raiders of Minerva began to circulate the system. It is this that leads Xerxas to believe that Korpik is one of the only witnesses to these raids that has been left (relatively) sane, and he will never re-live his past in fear of bringing back some rather unpleasant memories. This is not something you want to do to a certified psychopath.

Whatever the story, it would suggest a few things about Korpik's methods. An ingrained fascination, fear and, perhaps, respect for the Witches of Minerva has fashioned Korpik's combat doctrines. Poisions, toxins and Xenos technology mean that Korpik always gets his man, whatever the obstacles. 

Armed with a crude Imperial version of a splinter rifle and a selection of other Xenos oddities including a mono-web grenade and various combat drugs, Korpik can subdue targets many times his own size with little effort. Yet the Collective must be quick in picking up any captured targets, as Korpik doesn't like leaving his marks alive for too long.

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