Body: Large
Gravity: Normal
Atmospheric presence: Heavy
Atmospheric composition: Pure
Climate: Burning world
Habitability: Inhospitable
Orbital features:
  • 2x lesser moon
  • Moon
System: Dust

Background Edit

Pock-marked in countless volcanos in various stages of activity, the world of Koraura has rivers of white-hot molten metal running perilously close to the surface. 

Using Mannheim as a setting in Inquisitor Edit

Anything faster than a walk is a Risky Action, failure indicates the character has put a foot wrong and plunged it straight into a magma flow. Take an Initiative test at half. If failed, randomise a leg to receive 2D6 damage, which cannot be stopped by armour or force fields of any kind. This effect will happen to anybody hitting the ground too hard, falling over or otherwise doing things that might break the thin layer on which they walk.

Orbital features Edit

  • Koraura II - Moon -
    • Size - small
    • Gravity - low
    • Atmospheric presence - moderate
    • Atmospheric composition - tainted
    • Climate - burning
    • Habitability - inhospitable
  • Koraura III - lesser moon - no known resources
  • Koraura IV - lesser moon - Industrial metals

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