Formed in 015.M42 under the leadership of Watch Captain Temur, Barachiel's first mission was to destroy a steam gargant on the feudal world Gallant that a feral ork population was building. While they succeeded, they found evidence that the xenos race known as the Schest had a presence on the world, and evidence that an outside force was guiding the infestation. A request from the Inquisitor-in-residence at Watch Fortress Angst, Inquisitrix Gable, took the team to penal colony Eren, and amongst the rusting piles of scrap and tech discard discovered that the Alpha Legion and their operatives were responsible for the movement of the Schest within the sector. On Cessorin Rex, when charged with the assassination of the radical Inquisitor Brisk and his ally, the renegade eldar corsair Derellieth. Due to the inopportune drop assault of chaos forces, the Killteam and their targets were forced to join forces to repulse the attack long enough for Derellieth to engineer an escape into the webway. During this mission they came to understand that Gable had few friends within the Ordo Xenos and was accused of using her power over the Deathwatch to further her own ends. Barachiel disappeared from contact while investigating xenos raiders in the Promean Shoals.

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