Karhedron - Eldar Ranger Edit


Like most rangers Karhedron is a mysterious figure and little is known of his background. It is said that he was born on the Craftworld of Saim-Hann, but he himself never speaks of his past. There are few records that give any clue as to his purpose, however there are a number of recorded instances where he has crossed paths with Inquisitorial agents, almost invariably during investigations into Chaos cults.

Karherdon has battled Inquisitor Isenberg on two occasions, on the first Karhedron thwarted Isenberg's investigation into an Eldar worshipping cult. Then when their paths crossed again Isenberg persued Karhedron across four systems before catching up with him, the engagement was indecisive however with both combatents withdrawing after sustaining injury. During the fight Isenberg recovered the ranger's shuriken pistol and it is likely that the two will clash again.

Recent reports suggest that Karhedron is actively hunting Inquisitor Ostrakov, although what he would want with the famed puritan is unknown as he is usually found tracking the followers of Chaos.

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