Jak Deckard - Mech runner

A resolute bounty-hunter that specialises in running down renegade members of the  Mechanicus priesthood. Originally born on Terra, Deckard grew beneath its beatific facade in the lower levels amongst the scum and down-trodden, spending much of his childhood running with the zealot-gangs and the fringe-cartels. In the latter years of his adolescence, he started taking bounty jobs for the Courts and found his niche hunting down heretics and wanted criminals with developing skill. Eventually, growing tired of the lacklustre Throneworld he used his earnings to secure passage to Mars, and plied his trade to priesthood, finding rogue-skitarii and hereteks much more of a desired challenge, swiftly securing himself a reputation as the 'go to guy' for difficult contracts.

Recently, Deckard was hired to track down and retrieve the wanted criminals Magos  Emmanuel Cross and Lexicographer Zao Tsung for their involvment in the Necron crashes (although Deckard was informed it was for directing terrorist attacks on the forges of Mars), and charted a Mechanicus sprint-ship to lay chase for the fugitives. Deckard finally caught  up with his quarry on the (mostly) abandoned mining world of Zodiac, however Cross had  expected his arrival and laid a trap. In the ensuing firefight, Deckard was injured and  rendered unconcious. When he awoke, he was strapped down to a medical gurney with  his target leaning over him;

"Mister Deckard, your allies are dead and you almost joined them. I took the liberty of removing your damaged heart and replacing it with a superior augmetic. This has also be uploaded with an algorythym that is tied to my bio-signature, whilst my heart continues beating, so too will yours. It is now in your interest to keep me alive and safe from harm. But, I am about  to tell you a secret, Mister Deckard, the greatest lie ever told that will lead to mankind's extinction and after I have finished, you can make a choice; you may take up your pistols and take my life but sacrifice your own, or you can remain with me and my retinue, and if I stray from my path, I implore you to execute me for my heresy..."

Jak Deckard hasn't looked back since.

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