Jacinto was a minor Carthaxian world, famous for mineral wealth, grey skies and latterly, sectarian violence. In the late ninth century of the 41st millennium, a sect calling themselves 'The True' arose, challenging the dominant Thorian religion. Calling their rivals idolaters for worshipping someone other than the God-Emperor, they began a long guerrilla war that culminated in the establishment of a separate, cardinal-led government in 929.M41. Both Cardinal Gerritsen and Governor Mel'Spire considered themselves the true ruler of Jacinto, and civil war erupted for the right to rule. Both sides were careful not to damage industry and infrastructure so that the greater Imperium would not interfere for missed tithes, and the war was limited to skirmishes that stretch on for the best part of a century. At the dawning of the 42nd millennium, The True established themselves as the victors and their then leader, Cardinal Biggar, proclaimed himself governor. His position was not well met in the Carthaxian senate, as his religious views did not sit with the Carthaxian diocese. Indeed, missionaries from Jacinto were causing sectarian clashes on other worlds of the sector, an intolerable situation for some.

As the senate was debating what course of action to take, Jacinto was Struck by a cataclysmic epidemic in 005.M42. The population of Jacinto was wiped out within weeks of the initial outbreak, seven billion souls lost in forty nine days. Pict broadcasts from the planet's surface still show people dead in the streets, ground cars stretched in colossal traffic jams out of the major cities that will last for all eternity, and nature slowly reclaiming the peaceful landscape. Rumour persists within the Ordos that the planet was used as a test bed for a new biological weapon by an unknown party.

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