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- Inquisitrix J Magdalene.


A recent addition to the ranks of the Inquisition, Magdalene has only held her credentials for little over a standard year after serving for nearly two decades under the tutelage of renowned tyranid expert; Inquisitor Ithobaal. Despite her relatively young age, she has become an authoritive figure in the study of the genestealer and whilst not currently attached to any ordo, she is known to have many patrons and contacts within the Ordo Xenos.

Raised in a scholam progenium <exact records currently unavailable> from an early age, her education is considered unremarkable and was originally earmarked to take orders in the sororitas in one of the non-militant orders until the onset of puberty awakened her latent psychic abilities. She is recorded to have spent several months in solitary confinement before being handed to the Black Ships. Evaluated as pure, Magdalene then spent her remaining adolescent years training in the Scholastica Psykana. Not powerful enough to join the ranks of the astropaths or to serve the Imperial Guard as a sanctionite, she was swept into an Inquisitorial draft to serve as a menial aide/savant. The circumstances of her eventual tenure with Ithobaal are not detailed and her service under her patron is outlined in Ithobaal's own records.

The year after her elevation to Inquisitor status are believed to be mostly filled with academia, having published several educational documents and studies into the genestealer menace. Her recent arrival in the Carthax sector is due to the predicted movements of the infamous hulk; The Mausoleum of Atrax.


Ship: Halicarnassus - Sword class frigate ((formerly: The Pride of Midas [decomissioned])) Crew: [see full manifest: FG8-7-1776] Inquisitorial Personel: 24 storm troopers + 3 savants (non-combatant) [additional notes: personal retinue] +++user log out+++

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