Ismene IX Edit

A hive world orbiting the star Ismene within the Cuir Subsector.

The surface of the world is frozen, the thick sulphurous smog that hangs around the spires of its many hives reflecting a significant proportion of solar energy back into space, and it is only due to the greenhouse effect of a carbon dioxide heavy atmosphere that the world remains warm enough to be habitable at all.

Between the toxic effects of both the sulphur and the carbon dioxide, the hives are completely sealed and demand the constant efforts of ancient air processors to supply their populations with even marginally fresh air.

The world is home to thirty two hives and three space ports ( kept as far distant from the hives as possible, to allow pilots to descend through the thinner smog away from the hives), connected to each other by sealed overground monorail tunnels.

The world's primary export is military materiel.

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