Irilliath - Exodite Knight Errant Edit

Irilliath front

Before the Fall, some Eldar recognised the impending danger and left their worlds in a mass exodus to the Maiden Worlds. The exodites split into clans, and farm great herds of megasaurs, fighting amongst one another for grazing and watering rights. On many worlds the Exodites tamed hunting beasts to ride but on some they built sleek, graceful walkers to shepherd their herds and defend their homes. These walkers are known as Knight suits.

Each suit contains a spirit stone containing the souls of all those who have died wearing the suit, these stones are often ancient artefacts dating back to the time of the Fall. During battle the pilot's spirit merges with those in the suit and he is guided by their knowledge and experience. This makes these Eldar Knights unnerving characters who often speak in archaic tongues and refer to past ages with strange familiarity.

Irilliath was born into the Falcon Claw Clan. As a youth his days were spent tending the herd and learning of the knightly virtues. When he came of age he became his fathers Squire, they fought and worked together for many years until his father died battling the vicious Dark Raven clan and his spirit joined the others in his suit.

Many years later the Dark Ravens again attacked the Falcon Claws. Irilliath, now a knight of great repute marched to war alongside his lord, his spirit merged with that of his father and their ancestors. The Dark Ravens attacked in great numbers supported by their cruel allies and all but wiped out the Falcon Claws. Somehow Irilliath survived and was found trapped in his suit many days later by warriors of the friendly Star Eagle clan.

All Irilliath could salvage from his suit was the stone containing the spirit of his father and a kill-banner which he fashioned into a cloak. He grieved for the loss of his clan and felt that he too should have died that day. The lord of the Star Eagles offered him a place within their ranks, but Irilliath felt disgraced and set out on quest to prove himself worthy of reforming his own clan.

Irilliath is guided on his quest by the spirits of his father and their ancestors. He has been seen visiting many Eldar settlements and Craftworlds, but he speaks to no one about what it is he seeks. Occasionally his quest has brought him to worlds settled by humans. In these cases he generally keeps a low profile, but his activities have recently come to the attention of certain members of the Inquisition who are now tracking his movements.

Known associates Edit

  • Fayelle Exodite Squire

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