Inquisitor Savant Nadan Michaelmas (NPC)

A native of Necromunda, Michaelmas served in the Adeptus Astra Telepathica as a cognosticator, responsible for the calculations upon which psyker prevalence within a population is judged. His work impressed a number of members of the Ordo Hereticus over the years, and it was little surprise when he became a throne agent, and finally joined the ranks of the Inquisition in 909.M41. A frail man now, he coordinates the League of Blackships in the Carthax Sector from his base in the Mendelstein Keep on Colossus V.

Inquisitrix Niomencia Lu Shong (NPC)

A young and headstrong Thorian, Lu Shong serves the Ordo Hereticus from the Colossus system. While her office is on the system's fifth world, she lives amongst the monks of the Colossal Sect under the Saint's Range on Colossus IV, where she meditates under the gaze of her chosen patron, Saint Sebastian Thor. Lu Shong believes that Thor was a reincarnation of the God-Emperor, and that the Emperor's soul will find a worthy body to possess again soon. She believes that an impending apocalypse threatens the Carthax Sector, and the Emperor will walk again to save it. Secretly, she hopes that her body is the vessel the Emperor chooses, and has taken to making her flesh as warp-attuned as possible. She leads a cabal of sorcerers, and seeks an Antonine Amulet, believing them able to allow direct communion with the aether.

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