This page lists notable characters drawn from Imperial institutions particularly those who lead warbands and explorator parties and other teams (ordered alphabetically within institution by surname).

To avoid this page getting too large, other members of warbands should be listed as 'known associates' on the page for the warband leader.

Adeptus AdministratumEdit

Without them, disorder. Upon them turn the wheels of governance.

Adeptus ArbitesEdit

They are judge, jury and executioner.

Adeptus AstartesEdit

The Angels of Death.

Adeptus AstronomicaEdit

Bearers of light in the darkness of the Warp.

Adeptus Astra TelepathicaEdit

The Emperor's voice amongst the stars.

Adeptus CustodesEdit

They guard our past, present, our future.

Adeptus MechanicusEdit

Disciples of the Omnissiah, keepers of arcane lore.

Notable CharactersEdit

Sub-factions and GroupsEdit

Imperial GuardEdit

The Hammer of the Emperor.

Imperial FleetEdit

They bind the stars together.


Vessels of the will, defenders of the faith.

Officio AssassinorumEdit

Ask not for whom they seek, lest it be thyself.

Planetary LordsEdit

They rule in His name.