Head of Household Edit

Lord-Captain Aoife Patroneus

Lord-Captain Aoife Patroneus

Lord-Captain Aoife Patroneus

Reputation Edit

Despite a noble and ancient lineage of over six millennia, Aoife is the first of the House to become truly renowned. She is known to be a superlative duellist, an astute strategist and a charismatic leader who commands absolute loyalty from those under her banner.

Flagship Edit

The Banshee

The Banshee, flagship and home of House Patroneus

The Banshee, Lunar-class cruiser. It has been retrofitted to be entirely self-sufficient in the voids.

Other figures of note Edit

Pater Stavos, Chief Seneschal, who possesses one of the finest minds in the sector. He is somehow capable of monitoring the myriad shifts in stocks and profits of the whole Dynasty and send fractional changes to redress the balance in a split second, wherever they are in space.

Wealth and power Edit


Base of operations Edit

All the House Patroneus permanent assets are on board the Banshee, as Aoife does not like to maintain too much permanence in the Nomad Stars. It makes her interests here harder to attack and allows her to be more flexible with the endeavours she undergoes.

Military forces Edit

They command much of the Imperial Navy merchant fleet in the Onus Region, and maintain a sizeable force of mercenaries on board the Banshee. Unlike most vessels in the voids however, every man, woman and child on the flagship are combat trained and would defend their home to the death.

Business interests Edit

Glailwroth Few mercenary-0

Glailwroth mercenaries

In Imperial space, House Patroneus produces excellent seneschals and Navy logistics officers - putting them in direct competition with the Orthesian Dynasty. In the Nomads, Aoife has built her fortunes on the twin pillars of smuggling and exploration, selling valuable locations so that she may continue exploring unhindered by long-term operations.

Allies and affiliates Edit

  • The Van Arkiel Dynasty profit from the protection of Patroneus’ ships in Imperial space, and their shared hatred of Eldar has resulted in more than one joint expedition against Eldar interests.
  • Aoife Patroneus has a deep respect for Lady Sun Lee Chosokabe, both for her adventurous spirit and her closely-followed code of honour.
  • House Patroneus maintain a web of contacts and agents across the more ‘civilised’ portions of the Nomad Stars  - it is difficult to find a colony or installation doesn’t owe the dynasty ‘a small favour’.

Enemies and rivals Edit

  • The Orthesian Dynasty produces Navy officers that are more martial and commanding, but House Patroneus officers, with their extensive understanding of logistics and administration, are always seen as more cost-effective by the Navy.
  • The Bastille Dynasty are shunned by the Navy for what was considered a highly suspect inheritance of their Warrant of Trade, and despite their exile to the Nomads and chagrin from the Imperial Navy, the Dynasty appears to be flourishing.
  • The Scourge Dominion’s blunt and abrasive tactics cause them to be the most overt rival, with both sides looking to sabotage the other’s interests with an intensity equal to true war.