Lord Hannis Gilliam DeFay Edit

"Victory by default."

-Lord DeFay

Lord DeFay has a turbulent history, involving copious betrayal, deceit and strife. Being an only child he quickly found his calling of being at the top of the food chain, and when his parents disappeared without a trace, taking up the mantle of Governor's Advisor was the fastest way to get into a leadership role. After a series of scandalous and unconfirmed poisonings, affairs and deportations, DeFay found himself in a position of power - running for Planetary Governor of Frore against the feisty Admiral Ottoman.

The unique system of government on Frore required citizens to elect a leader from the two parties, but no laws are in place to protect the voters, and neither parties were above murdering voters for the opposition. Scared into a stalemate for almost three decades, both DeFay and Ottoman claimed Lordship of the planet. Rumours of Inquisition meddling are rife, but quashed when they surface, and speak of the Cathedral of the Thirteen Saints Massacre as a distraction to rig the election in DeFay's favour.

Whatever the story, Ottoman disappeared underground not long after that, and has not been heard of since. DeFay continues to rule Frore from Hive Primus, battling the ever-encroaching mutant population and struggling to meet the demanding Imperial tithes and exports to the manufactorum moon, Forlorn Hope. There is speculation that he may have unearthed an STC from deep within the moon itself, and investigations from every faction imaginable are ongoing.

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