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"Why haven't I executed this alien? Because it is my sworn duty to protect humanity from the threat posed by the Enemy Without and right now this Kroot is not a threat. It is merely a useful tool in the fight against the foul Tau who conquer our worlds and seek to turn mankind against their Emperor. They are the real threat to mankind!"

Inquisitor Isenberg of the Ordo Xenos Hannibal Isenberg was born the youngest child of a family of grox farmers on a peaceful agri-world in the Damocles Gulf. When he was just seventeen tragedy entered his life when his family were killed during a Tau invasion. Just days later Hannibal signed up with PDF and went off to fight the alien invaders. He showed natural leadership abilities and was quickly promoted to Platoon Sergeant. When the regiment was inducted into the Imperial Guard they were assigned to the command of an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor.

Sergeant Isenberg came to the notice of Inquisitor Croll after escaping Tau captivity and bringing with him valuable intelligence of the location of the headquarters of the Tau Ethereal. His resourcefulness impressed Croll who took Isenberg on as an Explicator, he quickly rose to the rank of Interrogator and finally Inquisitor.

Isenberg is tall and well muscled, and he wears his hair long as was the fashion on his homeworld. He prefers long coats with plenty of pockets, although as he often works undercover he will wear attire for the part he is playing. He rarely dresses formally, unless it is to impress planetary governors and the like.

He is still young for an Inquisitor, and does not carry much political clout - he is often used by more senior inquisitors who see him as useful but reckless. He is obsessed with fighting the Tau, and when not assigned to other investigations by his superiors will conduct his own campaigns against them.

He believes that the end justifies the means, and is happy to use aliens or xenos technology to accomplish his goals. This has brought him into conflict with the more puritan members of his Ordo, but so far he has always been able to talk his way out of trouble.

His personal transport is the Gun-cutter 'Thunder Child' which he pilots himself. The craft has upgraded weapons and power plant. It also contains living quarters, secure cells and his armoury which is home to his collection of alien weaponry. Over the years he has collected such rare items as a Xenarch Death Arc, K'nib multi-launcher and even a Tyranid Deathspitter which is kept sealed in a stasis cabinet. His dream is to somehow add a Necron Gauss Flayer to his collection and is working on a method to prevent one from 'phasing out'.

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