Dark Magos Grammaticon Quantick's tech heresies are infamous amongst the Martian adepts of the Carthax Sector. An expert in the construction of warp-tech, Quantick and his allies have attacked dozens of Imperial planets in search of materials, slaves and institutions of the Solemne Forge World's adepts. He is hated for his plundering of Mechanicum archives and test stations, and for decades has been hunted by Mechanicus Secutors. He has thus far eluded capture, and has taken a heavy toll on the ranks of his hunters. Amongst numerous skirmishes, the atrocity of Sigma Two One is spoken of in hushed tones by the Carthaxian Magi. On Brigg, he laid a trap for his pursuers, and unleashed the powers of his greatest creation, the Heterodox Transmogrifier upon the space port Sigma Two One as the Secutors made landfall. All that remains of the area is a tainted fusion of flesh and iron, declared Malleus Extremis by the Inquisition.

Quantick has many secret bases throughout the sector, but it is within the worlds of the Heathen Forge that his greatest experiments are undertaken.

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