Tech-Priest Gormax Laekon - Collegium Biologis Edit


Laekon has been seconded to Kryzak's expedition as an expert in xenos biology.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

As a member of the Collegium Biologis, Laekon is an expert in combining organic and inorganic technology and this is reflected in the augmentations to his own body. Perhaps the most prominent augmentation is Laekon's chirurgeon backpack which incorporates versatile medicae mechadendrites, stimm injectors and two biological manipulator dendrites - the first bears a facimile of a human hand, while the second is tipped with a dexterous tentacle. Laekon's left arm has been removed and instead he has hard-wired himself to an ancient piece of archeotech which he calls the Bio-Rhythm Manipulator. The device appears to be an ancient piece of medical equipment, and although Laekon has yet to discover the full extent of its capabilities, he is able to use it to perform remarkable acts of healing or to overload an enemy's circulatory system causing their blood to boil in their veins.