Gervan Maladox is a Void Born sanctioned psyker from the orbital rings of Perdido. As a youth he used his powers of prediction to part fellow gamblers from their money, exploits which had him beaten often by those he cheated. Giving as good as he got, the young Maladox learned many dirty tricks in the art of self-defence. After discovery by the Black Ships and testing on Terra he was returned to the Carthax sector to train as a Diviner. While blessed with great abilities, Maladox was not one who respected the rules of the Scholastica Psykana and dabbled in illicit substances. He was removed from the Scholastica and set aside for termination. As a last chance, Inquisitor Fearon co-opted him into his operations five years ago and Maladox has been one the foremost member of his warband ever since. His abilities to see the future and locate quarry through the warp allows Fearon to overlook Maladox's less desirable qualities.

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