Head of Household Edit

Hadarak Fel

Hadarak Fel

Rogue Trader Hadarak Fel

Reputation Edit

Fel takes great care to maintain the facade of a foppish, youthful dandy, but is in fact an older Rogue Trader (100+ years) and known by his rivals as a cunning, opportunistic and merciless opponent.

Flagship Edit

The Fel Hand

The Fel Hand

The Fel Hand, modified Firestorm-class frigate

Other figures of note Edit

Lady Ash, rogue psyker

Wealth and power Edit


Base of operations Edit

Unknown, believed to operate out of a dead system on the fringes of the Basin.

Military forces Edit

Fel Dynasty armsmen

Fel Dynasty armsmen

Well-equipped and well-trained armsmen on board every vessel sailing under the Fel banner. Maintains little to no other warp-capable combat vessels in the Dynasty fleet, prefers the use of mercenary ships.

Business interests Edit

A handful of mining operations in the Skylar’s Lie Domain are the only permanent Dynasty assets. Fel is a known explorer and trader - seeking out rare resources on far-flung worlds and leasing harvest rights to other parties. He is not above opportunities to pick low-hanging fruit, and will seize any chance for an easy win.

Allies and affiliates Edit

  • The Glassmakers’ Guild, a wandering merchant freighter that Fel uses as a fence and resupply point.
  • Blackbriar Corps are a mercenary fleet that the Fel Dynasty prefers to use when naval actions need to be taken.

Enemies and rivals Edit

  • The Scourge Dominion simultaneously threaten Fel’s mining operations in Skylar’s Lie and attack his long-distance trade interests.
  • House Chosokabe are vocal opponent’s of Fel’s deceitful methods and disapproving of his close ties with the Glassmakers’ Guild