Entym Hydronus - Hereditary Rogue Trader Edit


Personal History Edit

Entym Hydronus grew up on Magennis Prime, the eldest son of Rogue Trader Leto Hydronus. As a child he rarely saw his father as, to protect the bloodline and hence the charter, sons never travel with the fleet. As is tradition, when he came of age he was given a ship and sent off to find own way in the galaxy. He returned years later with wealth and experience, bringing new trading contacts to the family.

In the 200 years since he inherited the charter Entym has grown as arrogant as he is rich. He tends to see the family as being above the law, and it is only the conscientious actions of his subordinates that have staved off more prosecutions by the Arbites. As it is he has been forced into working for the Inquisition on a number of occasions in exchange for them turning a blind eye to some of his shadier deals.

His arrogance and sense of superiority are evident in his appearance. Proud of his heritage, Entym wears a copy of the final page of the family charter pinned to his chest, displaying the signature and seal of the Emperor for all to see.

Now almost 250 he may look like frail old man, but much of his body has been replaced by cybernetics procured through his contacts in the Mechanicus making him surprisingly strong and tough. To disguise how much of him is still human he tends to dress in long robes or a uniform greatcoat. His most obvious bionic implants are his mechanical hands which incorporate a number of tools, weapons and interface plugs. Rather than walk he usually floats around on a small repulsor list platform - using priceless archaeotech rather than walk to further demonstrate his wealth.

Known Associates Edit