The first records of Emmanuel Matthias Cross on archive with the Adeptus Mechanicus, are the ones held on the black box devices recovered from the now barren Gryphonne IV. Although the records conflict with current status as they list him as only a grade three mech-wright allocated to the plasma reactors on forge secundus, however his current appropriation of the title Magos seems legitimate as the records cease approximately a hundred years before the planet's destruction. Edit

Indeed, the final entries detail him as joining the Enlightened Order of Advent[1](of which there are no detailed records), yet it is hypothesised that he left the forgeworld mere months before the Tyranid invasion. Edit

It is speculated (owing to scant reports) that his movements progressed from Gryphonne IV to the Segmentum Solar and to Mars, and he became embroiled with the Necrontyr crash sites and the disappearance of the Inquisitorial Representative on Terra. Edit

The motives surrounding his sudden appearance in the Carthax sector are currently unknown, but recently his name has appeared on the crew manifest as a passenger onboard the trading vessel; The Coelacanth. The nature of the bargain or business that has been agreed between himself and the shipmaster remains a matter of speculation. Edit

Known Associates; Edit

  • Lexicographer Zao Tsung - Xeno linguistic expert.
  • Electropriest Ebenezer Franklyn - electropriest
  • Holst - Squat engineer
  • Sister-Initiate F Mannerheim - Hospitaller chirurgeon
  • Dueteronomy - Magos Virologis
  • Jak Deckard - Mech runner
  • Sergeant M Haze - Iron Corps Skitarii
  • Arnie TX11 - Revenant
  • Achilles MXI - Velites class skitarii
  • Astaroth - G Class Praetorian
  • The Mighty Gnu - Bodyguard and former rutball superstar

Coelacanth Crew; Edit

  • Shipmaster B A Barabbas - Chartist Captain, Master of the Coelacanth
  • Mister Pavayne - Seneschal
  • Lieutenant Jezebelle Sharpe - Ship security mistress.
  • Navis Master Tudor - Ship navigator
  • Theophrastus Demos Egon Clemens III - Ship Astropath
  • Magos Veronica Nix - Ship Moderati
  • Doktor Klaus Fabian - Ship surgeon
  • Delaware Graves - Archeoxenan
  • Bronson - H Grade Rigger
  • Isambard Rho - Explorator
  • Kaelethransir - Eldar traitor and relic hunter

Mustang Sally Crew; Edit

  • Konrad Ko Iron - Salvor captain
  • Jurgen (Ko Iron) - pit slave
  • Baldrick - Ratling salvager
  • Quee'queg - Kroot mercenary
  • Ishmael - Mutant junker

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