The Crimson Wake Edit


Where the Emperor's light shines brightest, the shadows cast are always the longest. In these shadows tread the beings the Inquisition travels so far to defeat, but whom have been under their self-righteous noses all along.

The Crimson Wake is about as organised as a cabal made from the purest forces of destruction and anarchy can get. Cells can comprise of dozens, hundreds if not thousands of members, all clad in iconic red armour. Cells operate under orders from above, whether from leadership higher up the cabal, the Ruinous Powers directly or a pact made with those outside the Wake, and these tasks are most heinous.

Where the Emperor's Holy Inquisition seeks to bring light, justice and faith to the lowliest places and individuals in the universe, the Crimson Wake seeks to despoil, corrupt and bring Chaos to the most holy, faithful and loyal. One Holy Saint turned away from the light is worth a million torn and broken Imperial citizens, the Wake takes inhuman pleasure in systematically undoing the works of His most loyal servants, often using stealth, guile and unnatural cunning to get the job done.

The most recent Wake incursion happened during the Antonine Amulet investigation, when prominent members of the Wake lead by a slender masked woman lied, manipulated and murdered their way to acquiring a handful of amulets. One was stolen from the powerful House Hydronus from underneath the nose of Jessamyn Rae, a small cabal sneaking aboard the sinking vessel during a raging space battle and making off with the goods, despite a failing gravity engine.