This feral world is a little visited backwater in a system teeming with spacecraft. A frozen death world, its only tithed good are reluctant Ogryns, press-ganged into service alongside the Colossal regiments. These abhumans live in isolated tribes amongst the valleys and mountains of their world at a Stone Age level. These hunter-gatherers were separated from their cousins elsewhere in the system millennia ago, growing large to protect themselves against the harsh blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. Some signs of their old settlements and civilisation remain, but these ruins are few and far between now. The Ogryns survive by stalking and killing the enormous native beasts that stride across the frozen plains. These megaderms can reach six metres in height at the shoulder and are covered in thick shaggy furs and have numerous spiked protuberances for defence. They are preyed upon by many species of carnoline, their half metre long fangs sufficiently long enough to pierce their thick hides. The exotic wildlife of VII attracts off-world hunting parties, and Lord Governor Elcam of Colossus V has numerous stuffed heads mounted on his throne room wall.