A shining mirror in the void, the ice-coated sphere of VI is the system's main food producer. Seas beneath the frozen surface are farmed intensively for everything from thirty metre long pelagic monsters and microscopic krill. Tens of thousands of caged enclosures raise fish, while submersibles trawl the depths. Many of these craft go years without surfacing as there are but a handful of ports tunnelled through the kilometre-thick shell of ice that encloses the planet.

VI's ports are ringed with adamantium to keep them from collapsing under the incredible pressure that the ice sheets exert with their constant motion. Around these culverts small cities lie, home to the families of the trawler men and the sites of processing plants that fillet, grind and liquefy everything that comes up from the seas below. While fillets and whole fish go to the spires, the hive cities of the system receive ground and concentrated fish guts and bone. It's doubtful that any would push away their plates if they knew the truth anyhow, such is the demand for food. Many foresee disaster for the hives of V and IX as the ocean is being depleted at a rate that is simply not sustainable, and famine is looming on the horizon.