The pilgrim circuit of the Carthax sector takes in a score of worlds, beginning on blasted Exodessa and ending on shining Mellennor. As it passes through the Al-Gheri sub sector, a number of ferrymen offer additional passage to Colossus IV. Though not a required stop for pilgrims, it is seen as a desirable detour for those willing to brave the Prastian Straits, as the Saint's Range and Temple of Thor Incarnate are awesome to behold. Carven by the monks of the Colossal Sect into the very mountainside, the series of statues and cathedrals dedicated to Saint Sebastian Thor are a wonder of devotion, work ethic, engineering and architecture.

The Saint's Range comprises fourteen mountains, each having had its peak shaped by hand into a scene of devotion. Among the most lauded sculptures are: Mount Humble, where the rock shows Thor as a farmer's boy; Mount Arising shows him surrounded by his disciples; Mount Mastery is a scene of Thor on Holy Terra; and Mount Arisen shows him angel-winged alongside the God-Emperor. In addition, each mountaintop is home to a temple to the saint, the most famous of which is the Temple of Thor Incarnate. One of the foremost examples of novo-gothique architecture in the Carthax Sector, this cathedral is the jewel in the range's crown. Lying in the base of Mount Ascension, this much-vaunted place has been visited by such luminaries as Ecclesiarch Magnus CXII, Warmaster Elko Ghex, and Chapter Master Thibius Ortak of the Storm Wyverns.

The brethren of the Colossal Sect still call IV home, living amongst its highest peaks. Their numbers are constantly bolstered by neophytes from elsewhere in the system where their satellite churches reside. Once a full member of the order, a monk has the option of going off world on pilgrimage, or to found a church of his own. Some choose to serve the Imperium in battle, and a great number of monks have served alongside the Colossal Regiments through the millennia.