Charadael - Lord of Fate Edit


According to the Book of Names, the Daemon Prince Charadael is a servant of the greater power Tzeench. However hard facts regarding Charadael are hard to come by; he calls himself the Lord of Fate and is thought to have orchestrated a number of atrocities including the Harada Incident and the Angcaco Heresy. It appears that like many Tzeenchian daemons he works from behind-the-scenes orchestrating complex plots to destroy entire worlds and systems or bring them into the fold of Chaos.

One story is that Charadael was a planetary governor before he rose to Daemonhood. It is said that in run up to Abaddon's third Black Crusade Charadael somehow caused two whole systems to slip into the Eye of Terror, thus weakening the Imperiums defences and for this he was granted daemonhood. However other sources state that the planetary governor was simply possessed or influenced by Charadael, and that the daemon Charadael has existed far longer. As is the case with many servants of the Lord of Change, it is probable that the truth will never be fully uncovered.

One discredited document states that Charadael has been bound as a Daemonhost by the noted puritan Vladimir Ostrakov. It goes on to theorise that Ostrakov's rise to notoriety posing as the Arch-Radical and the subsequent resurgence of Puritanism were all part of a plot to give Ostrakov the freedom to pursue his Radical ideas without fear of being persecuted by the rest of the Inquisition. This is clearly false, Ostrakov is a highly regarded puritan and the idea of him consorting with daemons is laughable.