A student of the discredited Schola Perceptus, the young Casimir Fearon served in the Carthaxian fleet's Arbites corps. Fleeing from a purge of Perceptus alumni, he found himself indebted to Inquisitor Epsis of the Ordo Obsoletus for concealing him from his hunters. After six decades of service, the elderly Epsis elevated Fearon to the rank of Inquisitor, suitably impressed with his acolyte's deductive skills and open mind to the shrouded face of the galaxy. Inquisitor Fearon now travels the breadth of the Carthax sector lending his expertise to events the Ordos cannot fathom. Secretly, he desires to expose the truth behind the purge of the Schola Perceptus, and uncover the conspiracy that saw his alma mater and classmates put to the pyre. He carries a doll he plucked from the ruins as a memorial to those lost.

Known Associates Edit


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