Magos Berith Rowne

Magos Berith Rowne was a standard Explorator working out on the Eastern Fringes investigating Xenos Energy Weapons. It was during study of ruins on the dead world of Geryon V the team was attacked by an Eldar warhost, striking from nowhere, devastating the team leaving the corpses out to the stars.

Magos Rowne was left twisted and torn amongst the wreckage, his life draining slowly away. Unwilling to face death, the Quest burned through his veins with hatred of the xenos scum. This driving force kept him going, he repaired a servitor and utilised an MIU link to create a life support system and perform the surgery to transplant his dying brain into the unit.

From here Rowne has expended a lot of time and effort into developing life-sustaining techniques and technologies, his quest altering with a burning hatred of Xenos and a desire to regain his senses, leaving his prison.

Magos Rowne arrived originally in the Carthax Sector to aid the construction of life-support aids for Lord inquisitor Grolin; Rowne being renown for his knowledge and mastery over the flesh. However, politics (some whisper of agents wishing Lord Inquisitor Grolin's demise...) intervened and Rowne spent several weeks waiting for an audience. He instead travelled to the Garion Outpost, hearing of powerful artefacts being discovered. During several clashes with Inquisitorial Agents, Rowne aided in the destruction of the Dig Site, his hatred of the Xenos giving him drive and he barely escaped, suffering several wounds and the loss of many of his retinue <see file GSG-31009-V>.

Magos Rowne would appear to have a fear of termination; he has enlisted aid from Tech Adept Stein, noted for his work with bionic enhancements and Tech Adept Liwet, rumour circulating of experiments with cloning following an attempt on his life <see file GSG-21009-MR>.

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