Inquisitor Benedict Helios Seldon - Ordo Malleus Edit


Benedict Seldon is a fiercly puritan member of the Ordo Malleus. He is still young for an Inquisitor, being barely 50 standard years old, but is confident and firey with a tendency to make long speeches in praise of the Emperor. He is known for being incredibly strong willed, able to stand up to even the most fearsome warp-spawned beasts, and it is this trait that led to his elders considering for induction into the Ordo Malleus. Their faith was soon shown to be well founded after he banished the terrible Daemon Prince Haagenti.

He believes that in times of great need, the Emperor will instill mere mortals with his power and spirit, and so he tends towards the Thorian beliefs although he does not actively follow their creed. His mentor was killed in an attempt to bring the arch-radical Vladimir Ostrakov to justice, and ever since then Seldon has spent much of his time tracking the infamous rogue Inquisitor to finish what his teacher started.

Known Associates Edit

Seldons acolytes
Inquisitor Seldon's acolytes