Bassit's Gulf is a peculiar region of the Carthax Sector due to both the mix of systems it contains and its twisting elongated shape that squeezes alongside the borders of five of the other administrative regions of the sub-sector - a quirk partly due to errors in historic divisions of territory and partly due to stable warp channels.

Systems of Bassit's GulfEdit


  • Capteriimund
    • Regional capital, a minor hive world and lucrative interstellar trade hub with a strongly matriarchal society.
  • Dalphaeron
    • Tropical world covered in archipelagoes, used as a getaway for the rich of Capteriimund, but is also home to the second largest Imperial Navy orbital dockyard in the Carthax Sector due to the incredibly stable warp routes that go from Avoniaz to more than half the sub-sectors of Carthax.


  • Rhuna:
    • One of the major wood and parchment suppliers in the Carthax sector, huge swathes of the population died in a great plague in M42.012, resulting in a massive downfall planet-wide in production. The Rhuna Commandos number just nine regiments, but are all highly praised and have long honour-rolls full of cunning victories.


  • Levongard
    • Feudal low-tech backworld mostly forgotten by much of the Carthax sector until recently. The Administratum has been putting its resources into the planet in the hope of capitalising on its previously untapped fertile agri resources after recent loses in agri production in both Bassit's Gulf and the wider Al-Gheri sub-sector.


  • Logadar XII
    • A temperate world with a vast population of nomads barely surviving on the greatly depleted ecology of the world. Some say the population size is due to the so-called "love cult" style of their particular type of Emperor-worship, others that it is just so the Warlords have lots of children ready to sell to the next slaver that lands. It is often said as many as one in ten of all slaves in Carthax come from Logadar.


  • Karzanis
    • Famed across the Sector as a highly productive agri world with endless fields of crops, its complicated system of politics and law collapsed in M42.005 resulting in dozens and dozens of bloody civil wars and popular uprisings that continue to rage across the planet - despite the efforts of the Administratum to restore this vital food source to productivity. Many of the thousands of offworld lawmen that have been recruited to the planet by the Governor were lucky if they survived their first month such is the brutality of day-to-day fighting in the cities.
  • Zhemnoska
    • A large Ore-rich world without any atmosphere due to its solar proximity. It is heavily mined by the Adeptus Mechanicus.