Tech Adept Baiden Edit


"If it ain't broke, you ain't usin' it enough." -Baiden

Associating himself with the Ottoman Legacy from an early age, Baiden proved his worth both in the vast engine rooms of Dark's Lament and in the cramped corridors repelling mutineers and darkholders. Most of the right side of his body has been given up to the Omnissiah, the tools allowing him to directly access machinery and equipment without the requirement for a dataport. It also doubles up as a brutal piece of close combat weaponry, when fully charged, it leaves Baiden drained, but can cleave clean through a bulkhead as if it were paper.

As the crew slowly whittled down over time, Baiden's combat prowess and loyalty to the Ottoman Legacy made itself apparent, and Admiral Ottoman didn't think twice about keeping him on the ground crew when they settled on Sorrento IV, and has proved himself useful in countless situations.

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