Located in the Carthax Sector, the "Avaris corridor" occupies a star cluster located slightly below the Galactic Plane. Isolated by a turbulent region of the warp, Avaris was not settled until the discovery of the warp current known as Ariepate’s Path in M.35. Discovered by Trader Ariepate and Navigator Il’Sarosh in the Chimera, Ariepate’s Path is a swift warp current allowing easy access to the world of Path’s End, and thus to the Avaris Corridor in general. However, travel outwards is still slow and difficult, making Avaris highly isolated.

Avaris is still considered an at-risk region following the "Bethdagon incident". However, its isolation and the assurances of the Avaris Conclave mean that it does not feature that highly on the priorities of the Carthax Conclave as a whole.

Regions of ValmerineEdit

The Valmerine sub-sector contains [missing data] official administrative regions, as well as several astrographical ones.

Administrative RegionsEdit

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Astrographical RegionsEdit

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List of systems (incomplete)Edit

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