Brother Asriel of the Mentor Legion Elite Cadre Edit


Brother Asriel has served the Chapter for 93 years; he grew up on a jungle deathworld before being chosen as an initiate. His natural aptitude for strategy and tactics and his innate leadership skills marked him out from the start and he became the youngest Sergeant in the history of the Chapter. He was inducted into the Elite Cadre 21 years ago following his use of innovative tactics during the Pacification of Ingrom Prime. He is currently attached to an Inquisitorial Kill Team under the command of Inquisitor Kaled.

The Mentor Legion Edit

The Mentor Legion was originally founded to be a specialized learning and teaching Chapter and a test bed for new equipment. Where the Deathwatch are the elite alien hunters of the Imperium and the Blood Angels are its most ferocious assault troops; the Mentors were formed to be humanity's finest warriors in the science and art of war.

Individual squads from the Chapter were 'loaned' out to other Imperial Commanders, thus giving the Mentors the chance to gain real battlefield experience and the opportunity to gather valuable information on Imperial and Xenos forces. In return the Imperial Commander was given command of one of the most highly trained squads in Imperium who would also train his troops. The Elite Cadre of the Mentor Legion were formed to be the best of the best, they were given the finest weapons and equipment the Imperium could manufacture and performed a wide variety of military and non-military roles.

The increasing threat level in recent decades has meant that the original mission of the Mentors has been largely abandoned. They are now organised along codex lines, with entire companies being sent off on campaigns in the same way as any other chapter. 

The Elite Cadre still exists however; they now form the 1st Company of the Mentors and continue the original role of the Chapter. During campaigns the Chapters collects as much information as possible regarding strategy and tactics and relays this data back to the Elite Cadre. It is for this reason that Mentor Legion marines are often accompanied by servo skulls who record mission data for later review. Squads or even individual members of the Elite Cadre are still 'loaned' out to other forces often to form surgical strike forces for the Imperial Guard or as Kill Teams for the Inquisition. Members of the Elite Cadre all hold the same rank; Mission Command is given to the Marine with the most knowledge and experience for the current situation.

The majority of chapter wear new insignia, a red hawks head; only the Elite Cadre still carry the Chapters original owl symbol.