Following his encounter with the Inquisition on Garion in the Carthax system, Magos Rowne realised many shortcomings in his Servitor life support system. The fear of termination forefront in his mind, Rowne pursued a new method of mobility; a clone of his own body. While it is a relatively straightforward technique to create clone flesh, Rowne's own small unstable DNA samples and issues with the growth acceleration equipment left subject after subject in the incinerator. With the aid of several genesists and support from Tech Adepts Stein and Liwet, a stable clone was eventually created. An unforeseen consequence of the modifications was the loss of the Y chromosome and a corruption of the genetic memory implants. While Magos Rowne prepared to terminate this faulty clone, Adept Liwet intervened; when something resembling new life is created without explanation, is it not the will of the Ommissiah?

And so Rowne kept clone 4N1-K4 or Annika, as Adept Liwet teased, raising the child with the aid of Rownes retinue of servitors and indentured serfs. To young Annika, the first few years of her accelerated life have been spent playing games; Rownes tests of her genetic knowledge, Liwets blood tests and time spent with the care servitors, never too tired to play with her even though they do it in a stilted, unfeeling manner.

She has begun travelling with Rowne, displaying an innate knowledge of machinery and a knack of "getting the Spirits to play" often under the watchful gaze of Adept Liwet or more often accompanied by one of Rownes many MIU linked Servo-Skulls.