Amos Lynch - Imperial Guard Edit


As part of his investigations into the Tau Gue'vessa, Isenberg enlisted a squad of Imperial Guardsmen from the Montannan 182nd Regiment who were on campaign in a neighbouring sector. The Guardsmen went undercover, fighting for the Tau Empire as human auxiliaries, providing cover while Isenberg pursued his own goals. Most of the squad were released back to their regiment after the mission, but Isenberg kept the most resourceful member, Amos Lynch.

Amos has always been unhappy about fighting alongside xenos, but is too scared of the Inquisition to disobey Isenberg's orders. He hates the alien Takuda and has been promised the honour of killing it when the current mission is over. He often fights disguised as a Tau Human Auxiliary, but unlike Isenberg he abhors using xenos technology and prefers to fight in his own uniform using his trusty lasgun.