Alykia Sector Edit

Once one of the most prosperous and stable sectors in the Segmentum Pacificus, the single safe warp route (the Scaro Passage) leading between Alykia and the Cerestne system in the Cuir subsector of Carthax was a highly prized trade charter. Billions of thrones worth of cargo were passed through the ports of Cerestne XVII every year, millennia of levies making the world one of the most prosperous in the sector.

Like any other Imperial Sector, the Alykian sector was not entirely without predators, although none had presented a serious threat to its stability in the seven thousand years of Imperial colonisation. The previously indigenous Ralkarn species made occasional raids from the few worlds they still held, and the centuries of 700.M41 and 800.M41 had marked a small but ultimately insignificant increase in the rate of recorded/suspected Eldar raids.

As such, the Alykian Inquisitorial Conclave listed a mere thirty seven Inquisitors amongst its ranks, and its fortress on Ynaro existed through formality rather than necessity. In the rare cases more extensive Inquisitorial support was required, the larger Carthaxian Conclave was obliged to help under the M36 Alscor-Ocrenhalmer Treaty, signed by the two sector Inquisitor Lords for which it was named.

To the pessimistic, the fall of the Alykian sector was an inevitable reversal of fortune. To most, it was lightning from a clear sky. Amongst scholars studying the fall of the Alykian sector, 571914.M41 is known as the "Dies Fati", the first recorded contact with the forces of the Ruinous powers. An assault emerged from the Levigon warp turbulence, a route that had been assumed impassable, rapidly taking the Agri-world of Cuclen. Further strikes on Alpha class worlds rapidly crippled the logistical structure of the Rannl subsector and it was lost in only eight months, providing the heretics with a formidable stronghold from which to take the remainder of the sector.

Despite a constant injection of troops and materiel from the Carthax sector, the remainder of the Alykian sector was slowly lost at the cost of many millions of lives. Officially, the Administratum records the loss of the sector as 835937.M41, although there are those who mutter under their breath that it was all but over years before.

Since that time, the once valued warp route between the sectors has spewed forth traitors and heretics, looking to take the Carthax sector as their next prize. Crudely converted into a fortress, the formerly prosperous world of Ilithyia now serves as the first line of defence, a war that has absorbed much of the Cuirian subsector’s resources for over sixty years. Many have disregarded the war as a necessary and inevitable bulwark against the ingress of Chaos, a fight with no end in sight.