Penitence system's fifth world has a mean temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, and aside from its equatorial regions is a world of ice sheets, glaciers and permafrost. Originally mooted for use as a penal colony, Almagest was claimed by the Adeptus Administratum in 002 M35 as a tithe-taking archive for the local systems. The offices of the Administratum diversified to include a Departmento Munitorum request handling corps, and vessel registry office. In 767 M39 Schola Tibirtunis was founded on Almagest to train the orphans of Ptolemy's regiments and adepts relocated to new worlds. The Progenia from the facility are well-regarded for their interpretation of the Lex Imperialis and a high proportion of graduates leave to serve in the Adeptus Arbites. Almagest's final notable structure is the Inquisitorial fortress known as the Obsidian Redoubt. This towering edifice clad in black adamantine armour juts out of the snow covered ice of the North Pole. With temperatures that fall to one hundred and twenty below freezing in winter, the fortress sits unmolested at the top of the world. The Obsidian Redoubt serves as the local field office for the Penitence and neighbouring systems, and serves between two and seven Inquisitors at any one time. It's multiple levels include a warded brig, interrogation chambers, vivisection suites, librarium, barracks, quarters, hydroponics, studies, astropathic choir, and training floors. Served by its own plasma reactor, void shielded and linked to four defence lasers as well as numerous automated defences, the Obsidian Redoubt is nigh on impregnable (for details on current Inquisitorial presence and investigations see sub file //[DM]_.455797._[~]).