Alaia Katenta, Tech-Acolyte Edit


From the limited information available, it appears that Katenta has been assigned to Kryzak's expedition as an apprentice Tech-Priest and currently functions as his famulous. Despite not yet being ordained in the priesthood proper, she appears to have a number of augmentations uncommon for one of her rank; most notably a pair of mechadendrites and a multi-function eye-piece. We believe these enhancements were fitted by Kryzak to allow her to better fulfil her designated role in his retinue.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

Katenka is still an acolyte of the Machine God and has not yet joined the priesthood proper. She currently functions as Magos Vaal Kryzak's famulous, his intermediary to other adepts. Usually an apprentice Tech-Adept would have only the initial implants fitted during their training, however to aid Katenka in her duties Kryzak has gifted her with a multi-function eyepiece allowing her to see in a wider spectrum, and has attached a pair of mechadendrites to her cyber-mantle. Her skill with a chain-axe is not, as some have supposed, due to an electrograft but is rather a result of long hours of training.