Abhinava - Navigator of the Renegade House Hercule-Tafoni

Abhinava Hercule-Tafoni has served as the Navigator aboard the Solemn Duty under Rogue Trader Romain Varteg for twelve years following the Rogue Traders return to the Carthax Sector. House Hercule-Tafoni is a so-called Renegade House of the Navis Nobilite, having fallen into disrepute with the Imperial Navy some 2 millennia ago. The line is reputedly on its last legs, with barely a dozen Navigators active across the galaxy. Abhinava shows many of the mutations known to afflict Navigators, no doubt as a result of the shrinking gene pool of her family. Her features can no longer be described as human; bearing oversized eyes and the smallest of mouths, as well as hairless flesh and a gangly frame. It is reputed that Varteg turned to her after all the Navigator Houses his family had dealt with previously shunned his approaches.

Known Associates