222nd Dawnwalker

The swamp planet of Kreato is responsible for feeding most of the Hive cities in the region, and fuels the Fringe War effort in the east. It is responsible for the recycled corpse-starch bars in every soldier’s ration box, and putting nu-meat on the table for every Noble banquet. As such an economical keystone, it attracts the kind of people who would do harm to the Imperium of Man.

The most deadly threat to date has been the Sapiens Novis, idealists pursuing the next stage of human evolution. Set up as a labour union to fight for workers’ rights in the abysmal conditions of the nu-meat fields and corpse starch vats, the cult was excommunicated by the Ecclesiarchy when an investigation into tainted meat revealed the Sapiens Novis leadership had been intentionally infecting the food supply to enhance the work force.

The cult had become a dangerous band of die-hard pro-mutation heretics, who today are known for utilising off-world mercenaries, chemical weaponry and terror tactics.

Our Lady Eos, the patron saint of morning light and of Kreato, was killed by the Sapiens Novis as a final act

of defiance. Civilians and military alike rallied behind this tragedy, draft rates hit an all-time high and expert drill sergeants shipped in to deal with the influx of recruits.

The Kreato 222nd Planetary Defense Force fought a fierce and bloody war for almost a year to clear out the remnants of the Sapiens Novis from their subsurface network of warrens and bolt-holes. The survivors were organised into a compact, elite unit called the Dawnwalkers - utterly devoted to Saint Eos, expert tunnel fighters and with a zealous hatred for enemies of the Imperial Faith.

Using the 222nd Dawnwalkers in Dark Heresy Edit

Sorrento VII security detail

You may acquire up to one Background Package at Character Creation. You cannot go back and select a package later in your character’s Career. Background Packages are entirely optional and you should always get your GM’s permission before selecting one for your character.

Effects Edit

Start with +3 Wp and +3 Insanity Points

Gain the Insanely Faithful and Hatred (Heretics) talents

Close-Quarter Fighter: When the character is in an enclosed space or with their back to a wall they get +10 WS, but they suffer -1 Initiative when out ‘in the open’

Choose one of the following tunnel fighting specialisations: 

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